Installing Headers (IMPORTANT)

To download the headers from this site, simply click on the header you want – this will bring you to another page where the header will be full sized and animated – then RIGHT CLICK on the header, and choose “Save Image as…”

Also; Most Blog ISP’s require that your Header GIF size be the exact “pixel” dimensions of the existing header form it will go into. Example: in a WordPress blog (which this blog originates from) when you put a “customized” header in, it will tell you the exact PIXEL size the header must be to avoid being cropped. (you cannot crop an animated gif file, or it will lose its animation features) . So depending on the Blog ISP that your blog is stored on, there are different requirements:

WordPress – with WordPress, most of their themes can use customized headers with full animation.

Blogger – Blogger does not allow animated headers (or files of any kind, for that matter) the only way to get around that is to “store” your animated header file on another server, such as a free image site. There are quite a few of them out there, such as, , etc…  You simply host your animated header on one of the sites mentioned, and LINK back to it on blogger.  (Click here for directions on how to do that.)

Once, you’ve downloaded the Header you want, simply go to this site:

There you can re-size the header to whatever is needed by your particular blog site, or theme.

Remember these headers are in GIF file format, and as such cannot be re-sized unless you use a specifically designed program for GIF files. As time goes on I will offer various pixel sizes to fit different blog formats, but at this time all the headers are based on WordPress themes and each theme requires a different header size (as do most blog headers). If you need a header to be re-sized, simply Email me the header you want, and the size you want it (in Pixels) and I will gladly Email you the newly re-sized header.



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